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​We’re five UMass Amherst freshmen from five different places and five different walks of life, but somehow we all ended up being great friends.

For us, this year is the beginning of our college experience, of the journey of finding ourselves and becoming adults, so it feels fitting that on our first outing into town, we found ourselves with these wandering mugs. We can’t wait to chronicle our time with these mugs wherever life may lead us. We know we’ll soon be sending updates of late night cups of coffee during midterms, hot cocoa during snow days, and everything in between. Here’s to all of the adventures we’ll have this year, and every year until the mugs wander on to their next owners. 

Thank you for meeting us and teaching us about the wandering mugs, we look forward to sharing pictures and memories with you all.

Rachel, Maddi, Tiffany, Dan, and Mike