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Gianmarco G.
<![CDATA[I've been everywhere, man.]]>Sat, 02 Mar 2013 19:07:06 GMThttp://www.wanderingmug.com/shanghai/ive-been-everywhere-manWell, not quite. But in the hands of my first owner I traveled up and down the east coast, seeing profitable use by two road trippers who enjoyed the company of some traveling wandering mugs and wandering bowls. In particular, I cradled some friendly herbal tea in the Florida Keys and some cowboy coffee in some other place I can't recall. And then on to New Orleans where I again saw use by a family of five squeezed into a 400 ft²  vacation home. No kitchen, no dishes. But a microwave and again wandering dishes made for a cozy sojourn.
And alas, a flight to Amsterdam, an overland trip to Paris, and finally a trans-city crossing by vélo on a snowy Sunday evening I arrived to my newest owner. Though I'm comfortable already: I've traveled the world but I'm still in the hands of an owner from Amherst, MA. So it's as if I've hardly gone anywhere. Here's to new beginnings!]]>